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Where To Check Credit Score
Posted: May 2, 2015

Everyone is entitled to a copy of their credit report once a year at no charge. Your credit scores will NOT be included with this report. However, you can view all the items that are in your credit file with this report.

What's Your Credit Score?

How Do I Find My Credit Score?

The government website where you can obtain this report is located at

A lot of changes can happen in your credit file over a year's time, so you probably will want to check your credit report and scores on a more frequent basis.

If you are working on cleaning up your credit history and improving your credit scores you will most certainly want to know how the actions you are taking are impacting your fico scores.

If you are about to make a major purchase on credit it would be wise to check your credit scores before you apply for that new credit. Should a creditor tell you that you are not approved for a new loan because your credit scores are too low then you will want to know if that is correct or not.

It also pays to check your credit file and rating to make sure that there are no posting errors and that all your payments, etc. have been reported correctly from the creditor.

3 in 1 Credit Report

You will want to request a "3 in 1 Credit Report", also called a "Tri-merge credit report" when you order one. This type report will show your credit items that are recorded in the three major credit reporting agencies files (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). You will also get your credit score from each of these bureaus.

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